Sunday, May 29, 2016

Random Photos

It's Sundazeeeeee!!!

These are some photos i'd like to share to you. I love taking photos, there are more than a thousand photos in my phone gallery (yes, most of them are selfies, well, who doesn't have selfies on their phone, if you know someone doesn't, please let me know because i'd LOVE to know!!! :)

Okay, so these are the photos, all of them were taken by my phone, well, actually not, it was my dad's, my phone basically was just a piece of crap :((( Anyway, i'll stop talking and show you guys the freaking photos :))

 ♥  Those Aster were my favorite!!! ♥

♥ Aster + Eiffel Tower + Zoella's relatable = LOVE  ♥

 ♥ Look at those STRAWBERRIES & RASBERRIES~~~ ♥

♥ This birthday cake belonged to my dad, it was on his 50th birthday (which actually suppose to be 51st, LOL :D). This cake also the first made-by-Kris birthday cake, there are so many memories about this cake, ahhhh, the good ol' day!!!) ♥

♥  #flatlay ♥

 ♥  A little bit vintage, i guess!  ♥

♥ Loveleyyyyy ♥

♥  Suppose to be Funnels but they were soooooo failed :((( (actually was pretty good tho :)) ♥

♥ Vines  ♥

That 's all, Happy Sundazeee, peeps!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Someday Summary - Saturday

 (I dare you to read the title without getting your tongue twisted, hahaha :D, if you're not, well, please never mind)

Well hello everyone! How was your day errr... night? :) Mine was ok as it's heavily raining outside. If you know me, you will know how much i love raining, which is weird for some people *shrug*

Before starting to summary my Sat. , i will tell you how i get to an idea of creating a blog of myself. So here's the story: On a heavily rainy Saturday night, i was so bored, wandered on the internet figuring what should i do to get rid of boredom, i asked Google "Things to do online when you're bored", then i found the link (which has been opened on your new tab if you've clicked ;) ) gave me an idea to start a blog, and i thought, "Yes, why shouldn't i???" ~~~ And a blog was born :))))

Ok here's my Sat. Summary:

♥ Weather: Rain for the entire day :))) Which is great because i always enjoy staying home when it's raining outside "baby it's rain outside" 

♥ Special event: Nothing special...

 ♥ What i'm listening: 

When We Were Young - Adele
Love Yourself - Justin Bieber
Boys Like You -Who Is Fancy Feat. Meghan Trainor, Ariana Grande
♥ What i'm interesting in at the moment:  create a blog :)
♥ Book(s) that  i'm currently reading:  Demain j'arrête - Gilles Legardinier

Oh well, Happy Saturdazeee :)))