Friday, July 15, 2016

July Clothing Haul!!

Hello there, long time no see!!!

I planned to get back to blogging quite a lot of time, but i never had a chance to, basically because i didn't know what to talk about, so i did find some inspirations (hmmm, you just started the blog and you already got slacking, Kris, you're baaaaad, really really really baaaaaaaad) XD. And it's never wrong when it comes to clothing right??? :)

So i got my pay at the beginning of the month and decided to do a "little" shopping with my dear sis. She always help me out with the shopping stuff, and tbh she is actually good at it, 100% sis!!! :D

Aaaand here's the damage of the month...

My love ...❤❤❤

...the tops...
(all are from Forever 21)

Forever21 Red Floral Croptop

Forever21 Striped & Floral Shirt

(Pssst i also just learned that Dungaree is like Pinafore but the bottom is mostly short or trouser sort of, while Pinafore is just similar with a dress... hmmm interesting!!! XD)

LEVI'S Pinafore
(Yes, it looks absolutely tiny from up... here...???...there???)

Forever21 Pinafore
This one is actually longer than the one from Levi's, and i planned to wear this one on Christmas, too. It's only July, Kris. Too soon, just too soon... :3

The Blues Denim Jacket - aka my fav atm ❤

And finally, as a bonus, this's a photo of me on the rooftop, trying to be aesthetic but oh well, i guess not, hahahaha :)))))))))))))

MUCH LOVE!!! ❤❤❤