Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Best summer ever hah???

Nah, didn't think so!!!

Things didn't always happen as you wanted. So did my summer...

At the beginning of the summer, i expected to do so so many things, like make-over my front yard, have a blog post about Ma Belle Box - a beauty subscription box, spend more time on my blog (obviously, ashamedly didnt happen :3 ), have a short trip to Dalat,... & so so on

University is waiting for me, just a couple of days left and it's official : SUMMER IS SO GONE!!! (for the 19th time of my life), and it's happening every year... and tbh i still haven't accepted the fact that i wasted another summer for nothing.

The truth is, i spent my every summer's morning at work (yes, i have a job :))), then in the evening i spent time with my family, or spent time on the internet & do the chores (sorry if my day bored you, i agree, my life is too damn boring. :( And every night my before bed routine is an episode of The Simpsons. I freaking love the series, and fyi, i'm at season 11 :)  Then you just have to repeat it for the rest of the summer. And that's my summer, guys! :( Don't get me wrong, i do spend my time with my friends and sissy, i mean, by having a boring summer doesn't mean i don't have any friends to hang out with. :P

This summer i reunited with my best friend, 'cuz she doesn't go to the same school in the city with me. She is nearly 620km away from me and only goes back to the city in the summer and the new year. Yep, we had an amazing chitty chatty evening. I also reunited with my high school friends, we went to our favorite eating spot and also a chitty chatty walk on the beach. It was so fun! Also not to forget to mention about the "date" that my sissy arranged just because she thought we would make a lovely couple XD hahahaha, i definitely will never EVER forget about this lol :))) and the important thing was, he was 2 years younger than me, oh gosh i really REALLY have no idea what i thought but i'm sure it was memorable :D And our latest sisterly date: to see fake snow... well i believed it wasn't "real" at first but then Nana - my sissy name, dying to see so i have no other choice. It was fine, i guess. The "snow" wasn't what it was but spent time with her was great, as always :))) This summer i also dyed my hair, all by myself. It actually gets a little bit browner than my natural look (fyi, my natural hair was black, 100% black). Aaaaaaaand then it faded after nearly 2 months (if i have a chance, i definitely would make a blog post about my hair, so stay tune!!! ;) But it gave such a good result tho, tbh i was absolutely surprise! Woohoo :D Last but not least, thing that gives me the opportunity to share my life with you guys, this blog!!! I know i didn't blog very much (clearly isn't most time) but i'm happy that i actually started a blog and it been 3 months, it's not a very good accomplishment but i feel happy that i did and i'm trying my best to blog more about me, about my life and things i'm interested in. That's what important the most. Seriously, i know this isn't the best summer but i got to do what i want and love is the thing that i wanted. And those that keeps me happy, to be myself :)))

I just wanted to say that, summer is leaving me and university is waiting for me, and i'm so ready for it! I'm looking forward to a better semester 'cuz i got transferred to a new learning department so i'm having new friends, learning things that more suitable for me and most important thing is it's what i love (fyi, it's English :)) and i'm taking it as a fresh start at something new and even better than before.

New semester, you bettah not letting me down 'cuz i'm coming for yahhhh

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Much love, xoxo
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