Friday, August 19, 2016

Someday Summary - Friday

It's been a while, isn't it???

I was completely have no idea what i should post so i just took a small break. I also wondering if someone reading this can help me what should i blog about. Honestly, i made so so many progresses this summer but i didn't blog about them. I just have no idea why, even though i really really wanted to. Recently, i baked some chocolate cookies and creme a la choux and also some cool, summery treats. I thought they would be interesting to blog about but then i didn't. Hmmm...

And i'm looking forward to my trip to DaLat, because it's freaking hot here where i live. I just need to take a small break at the moment from these daily things, at work then home... of course, if it's possible, i will also blog about it. Really really reeeeeeeeeally excited to be honest!!! :D

❤ Currently reading: "Playlist for a broken heart" - Cathy Hopkins

❤ Currently listening to: Justin Bieber 

 Bonus: Photos of my strawberries

T.G.I.F y'all!!! :)))

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